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Beatrix Booth is a costume maker based in Scotland with training in fashion design and historical costume making and a keen interest in textiles and fabric manipulation. Her work is a contemporary display of colour, texture and silhouette primarily inspired by the natural world. 

In 2024 Beatrix completed a 15 week historical costume making course at the Northern College of Costume which covered corsetry, Victorian womenswear (1880's bustle gown), Victorian menswear (1830's-40's tailored morning suit) and 1960's daywear. 


During her studies at Heriot Watt University (2018-2022) she created honours project SUPERNATURE which explores the similarities between ancient intelligence and artificial intelligence (mushrooms and machines) through a sci-fi lens and has been presented at several fashion shows including the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show (2023) and the Scottish Fashion Association’s First Annual Show (2022).

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